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In order to run your business effectively, there are no doubts that you have considered or are considering a video surveillance system to protect your property, your assets and your people.

                                         Detection     |     Recognition     |     Identification

Although theft and conflict can occur without forewarning, the use of surveillance cameras can be an excellent way to prevent and reduce such incidents. With the advancements in technology today, IP camera technology allows businesses to view a stream of live or recorded images over a computer network or the internet.

With this technology, an authorized user has the ability to pull up live and recorded content remotely from a computer, smart phone, or tablet. Recorded content can easily be saved as a video file, sent via an email, or forwarded as a text message to internal staff, authorities, or anyone else requiring this content.

The systems installed by MidPoint are ONVIF compliant, allowing us to provide and integrate IP based video products using standardized interfaces for effective interoperability.

IP Video Surveillance systems today have the ability to provide high definition images both live and recorded. With advanced video analytics, features include improved security, automation significantly reducing time and resources spent on monitoring, managing and maintaining the video system, and reduced installation costs by utilizing IP networks and reducing infrastructure requirements. 

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