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Midpoint Technology Group offers a remote video monitoring solution that takes surveillance from reactive, to proactive. Our certified Engineering team can provide a complete electronic security package, custom tailored to fit the unique needs of businesses and organizations.

Our core verticals include, but are not limited to; construction sites, scrap yards, auto dealerships, auto service centers, and even Cannabis facilities, with Construction being our largest one. By knowing your industry well, we can continue to innovate around your changing needs and build lasting relevance.

Benefits of having Remote Interactive Video Monitoring:

  • Reduce theft, vandalism, break-ins, and loitering
  • Mitigate false claims
  • Vendor accessibility audits 
  • Improve customer experience
  • Improve employee accountability
  • Cultivate a productive work culture
  • Implement cost-cutting measures
  • Increase business profitability
  • Optimize operations
  • Reduce unnecessary fines


Our comprehensive array of customized services is suited to effectively meet your location’s operational and security needs. 

Interactive Video Monitoring

MTG provides remote interactive video surveillance that reduces and/or eliminates the need for onsite guard services.


Monitoring Command Center

MTG maintains and operates its own monitoring center staffed with fully trained and certified specifications.


Deep and Self Learning Video Analytics 

Deep learning video analytics that reduce 99% of false alerts while minimizing missed events.


Eye Tracking Metrics

Our monitoring system constantly tracks traffic on your property. We make this data actionable to help you make informed decisions.


Comprehensive Site Coverage and Design

All system design packages are created and customized by our certified engineering team with your specific security concerns in mind.


State-of-the-art Technology

We offer a comprehensive line of security and video surveillance solutions that are NDAA and FCC Compliant. Our intelligent surveillance solutions are used globally securing people, property, and data across a range of industries.


Integration Capabilities

MTG employs sales and delivery teams in all aspects of low voltage technologies. Our company focus is on system integration across security, AV, Data Centers, and wireless technology.


Audio and Visual Deterrents

Live and pre-recorded audio announcements, along with onsite security signage, to create a safer environment by deterring incidents at the forefront.


Incident Reporting

Our professional team will provide you with a customized report of any incidents that take place at your locations with specific details and what security measures were taken.


Unlimited Video Retrieval Services

Our video experts can property recover and convert video footage formats for evidentiary purposes.



We equip your property with relevant technology that enables us to know what is happening and take quick, deliberate action. At a high level, we place specific cameras throughout your property to visually verify alerts generated by complex, self-learning, and deep video analytics and various sensors. We build our own independent, self-reliant network so that our systems don’t interfere with your current IT systems. This allows us to service and monitor the system remotely, without impacting your day-to-day business systems and operations. Our systems tie everything together and send the information to our central station through our cloud-based monitoring software.

Each camera and device that we install is calibrated to the field of analytics coverage. While a camera may “see” further into the lot, we focus in on the areas of concern and calibrate the system to filter out false alarms where possible. However, the ultimate goal is to always operationalize the design, affording views of areas that not only provide security but also operational value.


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