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From Target's stolen PIN codes to Snapchat's leaked user information, it seems no company is impervious to a data breach. To defend your business in this new age, you need to know the potential threats you face and how to safeguard against them.


That's one reason McAfee Labs, the research division of the cybersecurity software company McAfee, has released a list of what it believes will be the biggest cyber threats for business owners in 2014


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With the rapid growth of the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) movement, enterprise wireless networks must now support more devices than ever.  In addition, networks are under strain from the increasing use of bandwidth-hungry applications like video and audio streaming.  Anything that improves the capacity of wireless networks is therefore likely to be welcomed with open arms by network planners.


The next generation wireless LAN (WLAN) standard 802.11ac...


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Video conferencing has come of age and is used by every industry.  Recent development in mobile devices and wireless networks has propelled further interest in being able to video information anytime, from anywhere.


Generic applications of video conferencing are too numerous to mention.  Any place in any organization where meetings take place - finance, engineering, human resources, manufacturing, marketing, product development, sales, training...


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